Variety, Taste, and Nutrition: The Benefits of Having Wraps for Lunch

Wraps are a fantastic and often much healthier alternative to traditional fast food, and the good news is that they can also be served up fast and fresh, allowing you to get right back to your day. So, why keep settling for the same old fast food take-out?

Come to WrapZone and enjoy these 6 awesome benefits of having a wrap for lunch:

1. Wraps are fun, healthy and delicious.
What's not to love about wraps? They are portable, hand-held, easy and fun to eat, and offer such variety that you are sure to find many types of wraps that you love. You also have the power to choose among several healthier options.

2. You can pick your protein.
Many of WrapZone's wraps let you choose from five different protein options: chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, and gardein (a meat-free protein substitute). You can mix it up and try the same wrap with different proteins.

3. Wraps are loaded with veggies.
Wraps are often loaded with many more veggies than you could ever find in most burgers or sandwiches. Lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tomato - you name it, you'll be able to find it in one or more of WrapZone's delicious wraps.

4. Wraps are light and easy to eat.
Lunch often isn't the best time to have a meal that sits heavily in your stomach. You've still got the rest of your day to go and you don't want to be weighed down. Wraps offer a light but very filling alternative.

5. You can choose a different one every day of the week.
WrapZone's signature, specialty, and salad wraps come with so many different options that you can try something new every day of the week. Combine that with trying a different protein every time, and you'll never be bored for lunch!

6. Snack sizes are great for a quick bite.
Don't have the time or the room in your stomach for a full wrap? No problem! Stop by to try one of our snack-size wraps for a quick bite that you can eat on the go.

Take-Out Lunch Wraps in the Okanagan and Lower Mainland
You can find healthy and delicious take-out wraps at four WrapZone locations throughout the Okanagan and Lower Mainland. We'd love to show you just how much convenience and variety wraps can bring to your daily lunch routine.